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Period Stigma is real
Period Stigma is real!
In a 2019 study by Libra it was found that Periods remain one of, if not the most stigmatised topics for Australian women.  Here are just some of the statistics.
75% of women surveyed think there is stigma associated with periods. Periods were listed as more taboo than drugs, sex, STD’s and mental health.
8o% of women will hide their periods.  Avoiding swimming, light coloured clothing and hiding period products in their sleeves and bras.
70% of school girls would rather fail a subject at class than have their peers know they have their period.
– 25% of 18-24 year old women were too embarrassed to purchase period products.
Almost 50% of women aged 25-39 think society’s views on periods is old fashioned
– Less than 1 in 10 Australian women feel empowered when they have their period.
So what can we do to change period stigma?
Normalise conversations!
Talk to our daughters about what’s going on for us, and what is happening to them. We don’t want our girls to think it’s normal for them to hide what is so natural.  It’s also really important to ask them about how things are at school.  Do they feel comfortable when they have to change a pad or other product?  Do they know where the best toilets are to go to?  Are their friends supportive and do they talk to their friends about when they have their period?  We may think they’re comfortable at school, but there could be other things happening that we aren’t aware of
If you’re having difficulty starting the conversation, send me a message.   Also take a look at this blog post on how to talk to your daughter about puberty.

Or, bring her along to one of my workshops, where she can learn it’s normal to talk with other people about periods too.

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