Educating and empowering girls to prepare for and embrace their period and help them understand the change their body is about to go through. We show them it’s a natural process and nothing to be ashamed of, as well as help them feel safe having conversations with their mum/carer through the journey.



How do you want your daughter to feel about her body and period, and why do you want her to feel that way?

Empowered?  Confident?  Comfortable?

Most of us didn’t feel like that when our first period arrived, and if you’re like many of the mothers who I’ve had through my workshops, you want a different start for your own daughter.  

I use to avoid awkward conversations, but after learning more about my own menstrual cycle, I decided that I didn’t want my daughters to go through years of feeling shame and disgust about their bodies and their periods.

Normalising conversations about periods and how they are a healthy part of being a woman has allowed my girls to feel very accepting of their bodies and how their periods work for them.  Happy Flow is everything I have used to educate them, and many other mothers/carers and daughters on the menstrual cycle and the importance of acknowledging this time in their lives .  It’s for you if you want your daughter to be fully educated about periods, and to have more open conversations and you navigate the teenage years.


Let me know if this sounds familiar..

 You’re finding it hard to start the conversation around periods, or you’re finding resistance to your attempts to start the conversation

You want a daughter who is confident and comfortable with her first period and what puberty brings

You want to be having open and honest conversations, and an improved willingness from your daughter to talk about anything  

You want to connect with your daughter on a level that acknowledges their transition from child to young women

You want to normalise the conversation around periods and put your worried or anxious girls mind at ease

You want to know more about different menstrual hygiene products, and want to give your child the best choice for them.

You want your daughter to learn about her body from a wholistic and empowering point of view, with no shame, fear or embarrassment

You want your daughters learning experience to be fun and informative, and you want to experience it together


You know things need to change


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No more Shame

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No more secrecy

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No more taboo


Happy Flow

An online workshop which will prepare your daughter for her first period and will encourage more open conversations 

“Thank you Milina for your wonderful online workshop! I think it would benefit every young girl to be part of a special, positive introduction to young womanhood such as this. My daughter has gone from feeling very uncomfortable with this topic to being much more open, confident and knowledgeable. You have a great way of sharing in a fun and relaxed way. So grateful that we got to be part of this.”
Alison – Mum


“The workshop was absolutely amazing and completely exceeded my expectations!! I wasn’t sure if my daughter would find it awkward and uncomfortable but she really enjoyed it, and said she learned more than she did at the school talk. AND it was less embarrassing than the school one. We both really enjoyed spending this sacred precious time together, and I know she felt very loved having this day with me ❤ Thank you so much!”
Michelle – Mum




The Preparation

Setting your daughter up to have body confidence, through reflecting on our thoughts toward our own cycle

period talk

Puberty, Periods and your changing body

Learning the female reproductive anatomy in a fun and relatable way

The how’s, what’s, why’s and when’s of our first period

How menstrual hygiene products work and what is the best one for you


Cycles and Seasons

How we feel and behave differently through the four inner seasons or phases of our menstrual cycle

How to track your cycle and why it’s so important


Rites of Passage

The importance of honouring this Rite of Passage, and how to do it in the most appropriate way for your daughter

Meet your guide…

Hello and welcome.  My name is Milina, a mother of three and the founder of Blooming Periods. A few years ago when my oldest daughter was 9 I started to think about how I wanted to talk to my daughter’s about their periods and their changing body.  As I researched I found that I didn’t know as much as I thought I knew so I decided to educate myself on what the menstrual cycle actually was. My mind was blown, and I actually felt felt ripped off. I felt like for the last twenty years I had not known my own body, and had instead felt embarrassed and ashamed.  The more I learnt, the more I was convinced that I did not want the same thing for my daughters.

I went from not talking to my daughters at all about their bodies and their periods, to having open and honest conversations.  And my daughter’s went from hiding under a blanket whenever I mentioned the word puberty or periods, to now asking whatever they want, whenever they want, like it was any normal conversation.  They understand cycles, what it is to be a female and they’re not only comfortable with getting their first period, they’re excited about it. I did not grow up with such open conversations, but I pushed through all the awkwardness, because I wanted their story to be different.  Believe me, If I can do this so can you!

I truly believe that our young girls have a big part to play in changing this world. If we all can help them with trusting, acknowledging and loving their bodies for what they are I truly believe that they will feel more empowered.   The Teenage Years are hard enough without having to worry or feel ashamed or feel embarrassed by what is purely and natural and healthy function of the female body.

This is why I started Blooming Periods.  I found so many of my friends were in the same boat. They didn’t know how to talk to their daughters about periods and they wanted to change their own story. They wanted to do things differently to how they experienced things.  If you want for your daughter a different experience then I’d love for you to come in, have a look at what I do, and share this amazing knowledge with your daughter’s too. 

Ready to join Happy Flow?

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