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  • Period Pack

    “Always Ready” Period Pack

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    We all want our daughters to be prepared and confident when their period arrives.  No matter if it’s for the 1st or the 21st time.

    The “Always Ready” Period Kit will have her back, whenever she needs.  The Period Kit includes:
    – Water Resistant Travel Bag
    – 1 x box Love Luna or Tsuno Biodegradable bamboo Regular Pads
    – 1 x Love Luna First Teen Period Underwear
    – Sweet Cycle Relief Oil Roller
    – Moonstone Crystal

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  • Out of stockbiodegradable bamboo pads

    Love Luna Biodegradable Regular Pad

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    Love Luna organic bamboo regular pad is made from certified organic bamboo, making them biodegradable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

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