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How to talk to your daughter about puberty

“I don’t have to hide under a blanket to ask my mum questions anymore.”  
Ruby, 11 after Beyond The Cusp Workshop.

Our girls ARE curious. They may not initiate the questions or the conversation, but I can guarantee they are all ears when you are talking about it. Particularly if you’re having a conversation with another adult.

This quote was from my own daughter. Yes, she used to hide under the blanket while she asked me questions and I answered. She was very curious to know answers, but also very embarrassed. That is okay! I encouraged this, do whatever works.

You may have started noticing changes within your daughter. The puberty changes like breast buds, hair growth and the white fluid stains in her knickers. If you find it a bit hard to raise the conversation you could start with a letter. I was raised primarily by my father. He was a man of few words, but when he had something important to let us know, we’d get home from school to a little letter and a chocolate on our pillow. I really appreciated those letters. I knew they had meaning and were important, and I appreciated him for it.

Try writing a little letter and opening up the conversation that way. Invite her to come to you for any questions when she’s ready, or
perhaps set aside a little one-on-one time where you can say this will be a special time to talk about her changes. Remind her that you were once her age too, and you know how she’s feeling. Share some of your own stories, and if she feels the need to hide under a blanket, let her do it.