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How to create a first period pack for your child

Being prepared for your daughters first period with a first period pack will help her feel more at ease, as well as ensure we are not caught out when it does arrive.  The average age of a first period in western culture is 12, however some girls start their period as young as eight, so it’s best to be prepared at any age.



So how do we put together a first period pack?

  1. Start with a pouch to keep all of her essential items when she’s at school, sports, activities or sleep overs.  A waterproof case is a good option.  It can be as simple as a pencil case, it may be conspicuous, but it could also be a little bit special. These waterproof pouches are the perfect size, and with many design options, you can find the perfect one for your daughter.  SEE MORE DESIGNS HERE

2.  Add some pads.  Pads are most likely the first option to be used.  Think sustainable and organic if possible.  Sometimes these options may not be available in stores, but there are many great options available online.  Often these come as a subscription service, so you place the order once and they are delivered to your door monthly or quarterly, no need to get caught out again.  Remember when you get them to show her how to use them.  Open the product, show her how to stick them to her knickers, how often she might need to change, and then how to dispose of them.

Some of my favourite disposable brands are:

Resuable brands:

3.  A spare pair of knickers.  These can be normal underwear, or period underwear which she can either use additionally to pads, or on their own.  Take a look at

4. An essential oil roller.  For those days when cramps are hitting and she needs a bit of ease.  Something containing Clary Sage is perfect to help relax the cramping of the uterus.  Roll oil direclty over the uterus, or onto pulse points.

Mama Flow from Wilde Blends is a beautiful oil that helps support, soothe and provide temporary relief for cramps, hormones, nausea, emotional mood swings and stress which are sometimes associated with period cycles in women.

Remember that painful periods are common, but they are not normal.  If pain cannot be managed through simple techniques, and are stopping you practicing normal daily activities, this could be a sign that there is something not quite right and advice from a GP should be sought.

5. A non-toxic deodorant.  If she is nearing to start her period, chances are that she is also starting to sweat a bit more, and therefore possibly smell.  Look for a deodorant that does not contain aluminium or other toxins that could disrupt her hormones.  Thankfully now there are some wonderful options for all natural deodorants.  Sometimes it may take some trial and error as to what works for you, but its worth it.

Some wonderful natural options include:

6.  Other smaller items could include:

  • Some chocolate or mints
  • Hair ties
  • Wipes
  • Disposable bag if disposal of used product is not available straight away,
  • A small favourite crystal, especially if she is prone to anxiety or worrying.  Take a look at blue lace agate if that is the case.

You can do this together.  Find a bit of time together this weekend to sit down together and create a little pack all ready to go for when her first period does arrive.

You can find ready made period packs to purchase here

I’d love to see what you come up with.  Tag me on instagram @beyondthecusp to show me your Period Prep packs.