November 24, 2020

Episode 8: Nat Kringoudis


In this episode I talk with Nat Kringoudis about ways in which we can support our girls through their first few years of their period.  We talk about what we can do as mothers when our girls experience things like heavy or painful periods, and how we shouldn’t accept this as something that we should just put up with.

Nat Kringoudis is a two times best selling Author, two times podcast host, and all-round women’s health and natural fertility practitioner. She founded Melbourne’s home of natural health – her clinic, The Pagoda Tree where she has helped over 20,000 women rescue their hormones and reclaim their best life. Nat has also created a range of products including Yo’Nuts and loves to come up with unique ways of helping you live happier and healthier. You may even know her from her old online TV series – Healthtalks…. But what does she really do?

Nat makes women’s hormones happier than a Pharrell Williams song.

If you feel like there HAS to be another way – there is. She’s here to provide you with another option. Nat believes there isn’t just one way to health. Nat’s mission is to educate and empower women just like you, so you can get clued up on your body and take control of your hormone health. She’s here to help you ditch the stress, the confusion and the endless disappointment, and give your body the love and attention it deserves.

*Nat holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences – Traditional Chinese Medicine (Herbal) and an Advanced Diploma in Acupuncture combined with 16 years clinical experience… just in case you were wondering.

Connect with Nat:

Twitter: Nat Kringoudis
Facebook: Nat Kringoudis
Instagram: NatKringoudis
Podcast: The Wellness Collective

Buy Nat’s book, Beautiful You Here

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