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5 Reasons why we need to prepare for perimenopause in our 40’s

You know how important I think it is to prepare our young tweens for their periods, well I’m finding it’s just as important to prepare us ladies for menopause. Same for motherhood, but I missed that boat at the time, and I know there are so many woman doing important matrescence work.


So here’s 5 reasons why we need to prepare for peri-menopause in our 40’s.

  1. The hormonal changes of peri-menopause can start at age 35 and it can take up to 12 years to reach menopause.Menopause is reached once you have not had a period for one full year.
  2. It is not just hot flushes and skipped periods. Peri-menopause can bring on anxiety, weight gain, brain fog and insomnia to name a few. BUT it’s not a one size fits all. Knowing the what, why and how it’s happening for YOU means you can best advocate for your own optimal health, in all aspects.
  3. It’s as much an emotional, mental and spiritual transition as much as it is a physical one. If you think of the emotional and mental changes you went through at motherhood, you’re about to embark on similar shift. What life has been asking you to look at, and you’ve not yet dealt with, will show up now.
  4. If you had a tough time around your first period and entering motherhood, it could mean the same for menopause. But it doesn’t have to be!
  5. We are entering one of the most magical phases of our lives. We shouldn’t have to struggle with symptoms, or not feel like ourselves anymore, or feel worthless and no longer important in society.  We should be revered as the wise ones, and we can be.



Is there anything in there that surprises you? If you’re feeling alone, lost, insecure, or just want to go through the phase prepared and supported, Awakening With Perimenopause is my course for you.


Come and join me.