November 17, 2020

Episode 7: Jessica Connolly from Moon Daughters


In this Episode I talk to Jessica Connolly from Moon Daughters.  We discuss what it means to have Wise Woman Circles for our daughters and how we can establish this in our own modern day culture.

Jessica is the mother of four daughters and the leading visionary of Moon Daughters.  Jessica believes that we can empower our daughters beginning at any age, and it starts with reclaiming our own story. At Moon Daughters we weave, menstrual cycle wisdom, sexuality, embodiment practices and inner awareness in with ancient wisdom and modern science to create a pathway for mamas to do their own healing work and offer a deep feminine wisdom to their daughters.

Jessica loves spontaneous adventures, hot yoga, a good book and we currently live together with two other families in intentional community with 5 chickens, a dog and a gecko:)

To find out more about Moon Daughters see the following:

The book both of us mentioned can be found at the following link:

Reaching For The Moon by Lucy H Pearce


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