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Episode 5: Staying Connected with our children in an online world with Lael Stone
 In this episode I chat with Lael Stone about how we can navigate our children through an online world, while still aligning with our values. As a champion of connection and creating harmony in families, Lael Stone is an educator, tedx speaker, author, mother and parenting counselor who has been working with families for ove ...
Episode 4: Raising Strong Daughters with Amanda Stokes
Amanda Stokes is an Educator, Presenter, Author and mother to 3 and the Founder of Raising Strong Daughters. Her new book ‘The Tween Mother’s Tool Book: Raising Strong Daughters’, is a practical, easy to use activity-based guide that covers moods, friendship, self-acceptance and so much more. In this episode we discuss Amanda's ...
Episode 3: Seven signs your daughter will start her period soon
For our young girls, puberty can sound scary and gross.  They know their bodies are about to change, but they don’t know how or when exactly.  The scariest part is WHEN will they start their period?  Some girls can get their periods as young as 8 and as late as 16, and in our culture the average age is 12. So, how do you know wh ...
Episode 2: My story and why I created Beyond The Cusp
In this episode I talk about my story, how I came to create the Beyond The Cusp workshops and my purpose behind having these conversations.    
Podcast Episode 1 – Breaking The Taboo
Welcome to Episode 1 of the Beyond The Cusp Podcast.  In this episode I talk about the reason behind this podcast, that is to start talking about things that have been taboo and breaking it all down.