Casuarina Workshop Sunday 21st May

Empowering First Periods

A workshop for tween girls and their mother/female carer.  Educating and empowering girls to prepare for and embrace their period and help them understand the change their body is about to go through.  
We show them it’s a natural process and nothing to be ashamed of, as well as help them feel safe having conversations with their mum through the journey.

A fun, interactive workshop covering:

  • Anatomy and the changes we go through during puberty
  • What happens when we bleed
  • Sustainable period products
  • The inner seasons/four phases of the menstrual cycle
  • Self care through our cycle
  • Sharing special moments and normalising open conversations
  • Includes Gift pack with a pack of pads and more

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Empowering First Periods

This is for you

  • You’re finding it hard to start the conversation around periods, or you’re finding resistance to your attempts to start the conversation
  • You want a daughter who is confident and comfortable with her first period and what puberty brings
  • You want to be having open and honest conversations, and an improved willingness from your daughter to talk about anything  
  • You want to connect with your daughter on a level that acknowledges their transition from child to young women
  • You want to normalise the conversation around periods and put your worried or anxious girls mind at ease
  • You want to know more about different menstrual hygiene products, and want to give your child the best choice for them.
  • You want your daughter to learn about her body from a wholistic and empowering point of view, with no shame, fear or embarrassment

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Terms and Conditions
If restrictions to gatherings change due to Covid19, you will be given the option to reschedule to another in-person workshop or a virtual workshop.

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Mother/Daughter Ticket, Mother/Daughter Ticket with Portrait Session, Mother with 2 daughters ticket, Mother with 2 daughters + portrait session


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